Giant Square: Grids & Collages

Giant Square: Grids & Collages

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(0 Reviews) September 21, 2023
Giant Square: Grids & Collages Giant Square: Grids & Collages Giant Square: Grids & Collages Giant Square: Grids & Collages Giant Square: Grids & Collages Giant Square: Grids & Collages Giant Square: Grids & Collages Giant Square: Grids & Collages

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September 21, 2023
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Giant Square is a fast and easy way to create an outstanding and beautiful Instagram feed. It's made for users who want to get more followers with styling their Instagram like a PRO! With a gorgeous, professional quality collection of Instagram feed, post, collages and story templates, you’ll have your complete Instagram look sorted out in minutes.
Grids (formerly known as Giant Square)
We invented grids for Instagram in 2013 and it became a global phenomenon! It lets you create big pictures, panorama pictures, banners and photo splits that makes your feed shine!

Square Editor
Also known as square ready or square fit lets you fit your panorama images into your single image in your feed. Perfect to really show 100% of your image in a post. It also create gorgeous and minimalistic frames around your image to make your Instagram feed really stand out. It will wow your followers!

Panoram Swipe:
Create stunning seamless images in an instagram carousel (in just one post).

Picture Effects:
Add text, colors, stickers, filters and adjustments to your photos!

Free Hand Collage:
Let's you create home made and personal collages in seconds

Premium Collages:
Choose between hundred of amazing collages to share with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, Whatsapp and Instagram.

A vast array of editing tools, huge selection of stickers and vector elements and an impressive choice of fonts will get your creative juices flowing!

Giant square you can easily break your large photos or panoramas into a number of square pics and upload them to Instagram to awe your friends and impress your profile page visitors. Choose the size of your grid, use a single photo or create a collage and watch separate tiles combine into one mind blowing image on your profile page. Be it a casual selfie, a city skyline or a mountain landscape, with Grids they will look amazing on your profile page. You won't have to crop or resize your high resolution photos ever again.

Easy sharing to Instagram!
Giant Square will crop the image for you and submit the resulting pics to your Instagram in the order suggested by the app. You don't even have to save the tiles to your device as sharing to Instagram is embedded in the application!

Giant Square introduces a completely new way of using your Instagram, wrapped in simple and beautiful design. Don't miss the chance to express yourself by embellishing your profile page and posting breathtaking large scale images in their full glory!

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