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WhatsWeb for WhatsApp, WhatSca

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August 20, 2023
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WhatScan for WhatsApp has the capability to read and Scan all QR & Bar Codes without any latency. Scanner & Reader App can scan for email, product, text, location, contact, URL, calendar, and many more formats. Whats Web Scan app automatically update and sync all the chat from your linked Whatsweb app. You can read all the messages and replay them with the help of the Whatsweb Scanner.
You can generate a QR code for your own self-providing detailed information about your name, job title, contact detail, personal website, and address. Whatsapp is the only app that allows you to create an individualized QR code & Bar Code for your own business and your agency/company by self. It also allows you to convert a contact number into a QR code.

Features of Whatscan Web:
1. WhatScan:
WhatScan for the web can scan any type of QR&Bar codes, scan with it and get benefits of it.
2. Direct Messagener:
In this Whatsweb for WhatsApp app you can use the Direct Message feature because sometimes you do not have time to save a number that you can take benefit of this Direct chat feature and keep in touch with your contacts in this Whatscan for whatsApp App.
For Direct Chat you can follow these steps:
Step1. Click on the Direct Messages under the whats web app,
Step2. Choose your country,
Step3. Write down a number of the sender in the text bar,
Step4. Finally push the Send button.
3. Status Saver:
Statuses from WhatsApp can be saved also by this Whatsapp Status Saver App, select your favorite status and save it on the phone, as well as you can see the saved statuses under the app.
4. QR Code Scanner:
Read and Scan QR Codes with this QR Code reader app. It can Quickly scan and QR code and show detailed information under the code.
5. QR Code Generator:
Whatsweb App is capable to create a QR Code for you that you can use for business etc. just enter the text in the text bar about the QR Code and generate your own QR Code So easily.
6. Bar Code Scanner:
Scan Bar Codes of any product, links, etc. immediately what scan App can help you to scan medication, grocery, pricing, and quality assurance barcode.
7. Bar Code Generator:
Generate Bar Codes for your Product or anything else in this bar code creator app and share it with others. It can create codes for email, product, text, location, contact, URL, calendar, etc.
8. Find History:
Whatsweb for WhatsApp keeps the history of the codes that you create so you can easily find your generated QR codes and Bar Codes in the history box.

The Contacts Permission is required to import your phone’s contacts in the whatscan app that you can keep in touch with family and friends using this Whats Web feature.
This Bar Code Reader App needs the Camera permission; it is for taking pictures or record video which you can use directly on WhatsApp Web on your phone.
Whats web App needs to access your phone’s Storage to provide you media on the whats web
And save new media in the storage location.

How to Operate:
Download the app from the play store, Install the open it.
Proceed to Get Started button.
Allow needed Permissions.
Press the WhatScan button.
Scan the QR Code from another phone by going to the WhatsApp menu and click the WhatsApp Web/Linked Devices.
Now enjoy one account of Whatsapp on double phones through using this simple Whatscan for WhatsApp App.
If you found this WhatsApp web App helpful for you then share some encourages words for us in the comment. Thanks!

WhatsApp QR & Barcode App is made by Appenza Tech, nor it is an official application of WhatsApp and neither associated with WhatsApp Inc.

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